The LXDS is a surface mounted self contained emergency luminaire.

Incorporating LiFePO4 batteries, and consisting of dual power-LEDs and status indicator powered by an emergency lighting driver. Available to operate in maintained or non-maintained modes. This safety-compliant luminaire ensures emergency escape route and anti-panic lighting in buildings.

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  • Self-contained emergency luminaireNon-maintained and maintained mode of operation
  • Available in basic, self test and DALI
  • Non-maintained and maintained mode of operation
  • Different lenses for emergency escape route lighting (elliptical) and open area, anti-panic emergency lighting (rotationally symmetric). Also for power-LED protection
  • BESA box and Standard fixing points
  • Dual LED luminaire with integrated battery, status indicator LED and connected emergency lighting driver
  • 5 year warranty on electronics
  • 3 year warranty of LiFePO4 battery
  • Available in basic, self test and DALI
Model NumberLensTestingBatteryLumens
Basic Testing - Non Maintained
LXDS-2-3-O-NMOpen area lensN/A3.2V 3.0Ah LiFePO4196lm
LXDS-2-3-C-NMCorridor lensN/A3.2V 3.0Ah LiFePO4196lm
Self-Test - Non Maintained
LXDS-ST-2-3-O-NMOpen area lensSelf Test3.2V 3.0Ah LiFePO4196lm
LXDS-ST-2-3-C-NMCorridor lensSelf Test3.2V 3.0Ah LiFePO4196lm
DALI Maintained
LXDS-DALI-2-3-O-MOpen area lensDALI3.2V 3.0Ah LiFePO4196lm
LXDS-DALI-2-3-C-MCorridor lensDALI3.2V 3.0Ah LiFePO4196lm