Emergency lighting LED driver for the conversion of existing LED luminaires

High Power Emergency LED driver suitable for applications where higher wattages in emergency mode are required.
Compact metal housing, protection class I luminaries

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  • 9 or 15 watts
  • Self-contained emergency lighting unit for LED luminaires and LED applications
  • Three voltage ranges available to cover LED module forward voltages between 12 and 220 V
  • Compact metal housing for usage in protection class I luminaires (L 210 x W 31,5 x H 21,5 mm)
  • Basic, Selftest and Dali testing protocols
  • NiCd or NiMh battery option
Part No.DescriptionBuilt in Mains LED Driver?Lamp Voltage RangeEmergency OutputDuration
Basic Versions
10-01-0207LEHH-G 55V-9W/10D/180NO12V-55V9W3Hr
10-01-0209LEHH-G 55V-15W/20D/180NO12V-55V15W3Hr
10-01-0267LEHH-G 130V-9W/10D/180NO50V-130V9W3Hr
10-01-0269LEHH-G 130V-15W/20D/180NO50V-130V15W3Hr
10-01-0287LEHH-G 220V-9W/10D/180NO100V-220V9W3Hr
10-01-0289LEHH-G 220V-15W/20D/180NO100V-220V15W3Hr
Self-Test Versions
10-02-0207LEHH-SG 55V-9W/10D/180NO12V-55V9W3Hr
10-02-0209LEHH-SG 55V-15W/20D/180NO12V-55V15W3Hr
10-02-0267LEHH-SG 130V-9W/10D/180NO50V-130V9W3Hr
10-02-0269LEHH-SG 130V-15W/20D/180NO50V-130V15W3Hr
10-02-0287LEHH-SG 220V-9W/10D/180NO100V-220V9W3Hr
10-02-0289LEHH-SG 220V-15W/20D/180NO100V-220V15W3Hr
DALI Versions
10-04-0207LEHH-DALIG 55V-9W/10D/180NO12V-55V9W3Hr
10-04-0209LEHH-DALIG 55V-15W/20D/180NO12V-55V15W3Hr
10-04-0267LEHH-DALIG 130V-9W/10D/180NO50V-130V9W3Hr
10-04-0269LEHH-DALIG 130V-15W/20D/180NO50V-130V15W3Hr
10-04-0287LEHH-DALIG 220V-9W/10D/180NO100V-220V9W3Hr
10-04-0289LEHH-DALIG 220V-15W/20D/180NO100V-220V15W3Hr