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Emergency lighting made simple

We wanted to make the very best value emergency lighting components. So we really thought about what should go inside the box.

  • Luxbox Swiss quality
    We use the very best components
  • Luxbox latest technology
    We integrate the latest technology
  • Luxbox 100% compliant
    We make sure everything’s 100% compliant
  • null
    We include a 5 year warranty*

We box it all up for rapid delivery and easy integration at a price you’ll like. And that’s it.

Great quality. Great value. Job done.

*subject to terms.

Thinking inside the box

What makes our emergency lighting components better than most others on the market? We make them ourselves. We apply 45 years of experience in lighting technology. We apply the latest innovations. We manufacture the components in our factory in Switzerland.

By making everything ourselves, we can be sure that every single element is perfectly fit for purpose. We don’t have to “make do” or compromise. The resulting quality speaks for itself.