Emergency lighting combo driver for maintained and non- maintained LED applications.

High efficiency electronic emergency lighting driver, suitable for Power-LED applications in non-maintained or maintained mode.
Each emergency lighting driver in the LENC & LEOC range is designed to convert a standard LED downlight or luminaire to emergency operation. LENC & LEOC drivers are designed in accordance with BS EN 61347-1, BS EN 61347-2-7 and
BS EN 61347-2-13.

In normal mains operation the LED downlight or luminaire is powered by the LEOC or LENC integrated mains driver and in emergency operation by the emergency lighting control circuitry and associated battery.

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  • Self-contained emergency lighting combo driver for maintained and non-maintained operation
  • Suitable for emergency luminaires and exit signs with LED arrays between 2.8 and 13.5V
  • Up to 5w in mains mode
  • 0.5-1.5w in emergency mode
  • Compact Polycarbonate housing L 165 x B 24 x H 21 mm
Part No.DescriptionBuilt in Mains LED Driver?Output Current in MainsOutput Voltage RangeP Rated RangeEmergency OutputDuration
DALI Versions
10-04-1370LENC-DALIG 250/1X1865/180LIYES250mA2.8 – 13.5V0.7 - 3.4W0.7W3Hr
10-04-1371LENC-DALIG 250/2X1865/180LIYES250mA2.8 – 13.5V0.7 - 3.4W1.4W3Hr
10-04-1375LENC-DALIG 350/1X1865/180LIYES350mA2.8 – 13.5V1.0 – 4.7W0.7W3Hr
10-04-1376LENC-DALIG 350/2X1865/180LIYES350mA2.8 – 13.5V1.0 – 4.7W1.4W3Hr
10-04-1380LENC-DALIG 450/1X1865/180LIYES450mA2.8 – 9.9V1.3 – 4.5W0.7W3Hr
10-04-1381LENC-DALIG 450/2X1865/180LIYES450mA2.8 – 9.9V1.3 – 4.5W1.4W3Hr