Luxbox LXD emergency downlights offer the perfect blend of price and quality. They’re the ideal solution for escape routes and open areas in commercial and public spaces where unobtrusive emergency lighting is required.

LXD consists of an LED lamphead with integrated LiFePO4 battery, status indicator LED and electronics to operate the single LED in maintained (optional) or non-maintained mode. Optically efficient lenses ensure optimum performance for corridor or open area applications. The integrated self-test function complies with the latest European standards.

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  • Single LED luminaire with integrated battery, status display LED and connected emergency lighting driver
  • Corridor or Open Area lens options
  • Self-Test and DALI compatible version available
  • 5 year warranty*
Model NumberLensTestingBatteryLumens
Basic Testing - Non Maintained
LXD-2-3-O-NMOpen area lensN/A3.2V 3.0Ah LiFePO4165lm
LXD-2-3-C-NMCorridor lensN/A3.2V 3.0Ah LiFePO4165lm
Self-Test - Non Maintained
LXD-ST-2-3-O-NMOpen area lensSelf Test3.2V 3.0Ah LiFePO4165lm
LXD-ST-2-3-C-NMCorridor lensSelf Test3.2V 3.0Ah LiFePO4165lm
DALI Maintained
LXD-DALI-2-3-O-MOpen area lensDALI3.2V 3.0Ah LiFePO4165lm
LXD-DALI-2-3-C-MCorridor lensDALI3.2V 3.0Ah LiFePO4165lm