LXR – Remote Box

Remote Box for the conversion of existing LED luminaires

The LXR range of remote boxes is ideal for LED panels, down-lights and other luminaires when an integral emergency lighting conversion is not possible. The electronics and battery pack are mounted in a polycarbonate housing with strain relief and is suitable for protection class I and II luminaires.

Product Information
  • Self-contained emergency lighting unit for LED luminaires and LED applications
  • Three voltage ranges available to cover LED module forward voltages up to 220V
  • LiFePO4 or NiCd battery versions available
  • Emergency lighting unit and battery mounted in a compact polycarbonate housing for the installation outside of protection class I and II luminaires (L 292 x W 81 x H 41 mm)
  • Self-Test and DALI optional
  • Indicator bezel and various connector plugs available
  • 5 years warranty*
Technical Data
Model NumberEM OutputCapacityLED Volts
LXR 55V-2W/2D/1802W2.4V 4Ah NiCd55V
LXR 105V-3W/3D/1803W3.6V 4.0Ah NiCd105V
LXR 220V-4W/4D/1804W4.8V 4Ah NiCd220V