LELW – UltraSlim

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Emergency lighting module for the conversion of existing UltraFlat LED luminaires

The LELW range of emergency lighting modules enables the conversion of existing LED luminaires. The super-flat metal housing with a height of only 11mm is suitable for the latest generation of UltraFlat luminaires.
Product Information
  • Self-contained emergency lighting unit for LED luminaires and LED applications
  • Four voltage ranges available to cover LED module forward voltages between 12 and 300 V
  • Super-flat metal housing for usage in protection class I luminaires (L 234 x W 44 x H 11,5 mm) or suitable for protection class II luminaires by integration in a separate metal housing outside the luminaire (housing upon request)
Model NumberEM Output BatteryLED Volts
LELW 55V-2W/24AAA/1802W28.8V 350mAh NiCd55V
LELW 130V-2W/24AAA/1802W28.8V 350mAh NiCd130V
LELW 220V-2W/24AAA/1802W28.8V 350mAh NiCd220V

Options: 2W/3W output. 55/105/220V. NiCd/LiFePO4. DALI/Self-Test.



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