Emergency lighting LED driver for the conversion of existing LED luminaires

The emergency lighting unit LELT serves the extension of existing LED luminaires with emergency lighting functionality. The compact polycarbonate housing is suitable for protection class I and II luminaires.
Product Information
  • Self-contained emergency lighting unit for LED luminaires and LED applications
  • Three voltage ranges available to cover LED module forward voltages between 12 and 220 V
  • Compact polycarbonate housing for usage in protection class I and II luminaires (L 177 x W 30 x H 21,5 mm)
Model NumberEM Output BatteryLED Volts
LELK-S 55V-2W/2D/1802W2.4V 4Ah NiCd
LELK-S 105V-2W/2D/1802W2.4V 4Ah NiCd105V
LELK-S 220V-2W/2D/1802W2.4V 4Ah NiCd220V
LELK-S 55V-3W/3x1865/180Li3W3.2V 4.5Ah LiFePO455V
LELK-S 105V-3W/3x1865/180Li3W3.2V 4.5Ah LiFePO4105V
LELK-S 220V-3W/3x1865/180Li3W3.2V 4.5Ah LiFePO4220V

Options: 2W/3W output. 55/105/220V. NiCd/LiFePO4. DALI/Self-Test.