LEIK3 – Combined mains/emergency driver

Emergency lighting unit for LED-applications. With integrated mains driver

The LEIK3 range operates LED-modules with 8.4V – 25V in maintained or non-maintained mode.

5 year warranty included

Product Information
  • Mains/emergency LED driver for maintained or non-maintained mode
  • For use with LED arrays from 8.4V – 25V
    (up to 57V upon request)
  • Current selectable by user via jumper
  • Metal case for luminaires of protection class I
    (L 150 x W 30 x H 22mm)
Technical Data
Model NumberEM Output BatteryLED Volts
LEIK 25V/700.350/2D/1802W2.4V 4Ah NiCd25V
LEIK 57V/300.180/4D/1804W4.8V 4Ah NiCd60V