We’re proud to announce or latest achievement – ISO 14001 certification.

ISO 14001 maps out the framework which has enabled us to set up an effective environmental management system. It’s a voluntary standard, but one which we consider very important.

The systems we now have in place enable us to manage environmental aspects which help us stay compliant with our legal obligations. But more than that, it helps us identify opportunities to go above and beyond those obligations.

Using ISO 14001 we can manage our environmental impacts holistically. We can demonstrate to stakeholders that we’re proactively improving environmental performance. The measures we’re taking will help us minimise our contribution to climate change, reduce water usage and reduce energy consumption. It provides tools to support continuous improvement.

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously. Achieving ISO 14001 helps demonstrate that. The whole team was right behind our efforts to achieve this standard, so we’re all extremely pleased. We think it helps us stand out from our competitors as a forward-thinking, conscientious business. And we’re already benefitting from the improved efficiencies that using the standard brings.