About us

Lux Box Lighting Technology Ltd

Thinking inside the box

While we may be a new brand we have decades of experience in the emergency lighting arena. We’re powered by Sander Elektronik, the Swiss emergency lighting experts with a 44-year track record and have the backing of an international group.

Luxbox makes emergency lighting simple. Whether it’s emergency downlights, remote boxes or modules, we create components of the highest quality, resulting in great value and peace of mind, boxed up with a 5-year warranty*.

We encourage our customers to think about what’s inside the box, and to strive for compliance to the latest safety standards.

Emergency lighting is not an area for compromise. It needs to deliver 100% compliance and reliable performance, every time. So, we’ve boxed up the latest innovations for rapid delivery and easy integration, with the perfect balance of quality and value. Our team has the know-how and is easy to do business with, so you can rely on us to support and fulfil your requirements.
Luxbox is a member of the LIA and ICEL.

The polynom Family


Bringing together some of the leading names in European emergency lighting, polynom is the Swiss holding group ensuring a strong financial backing and enabling a powerful synergy for and between the group companies.

As a forward-thinking group, polynom is dedicated to transforming a traditional industry by investing further in innovative technologies and products, keeping development, production and testing facilities close together, all focussed on customer needs and expectations.

Sander Elektronik ag


Based near Zurich, Switzerland, Sander has almost half a century’s experience of manufacturing quality assured emergency lighting products in an ISO 9001 environment.
With an output approaching half a million PCBs per year from its highly automated production facility, Sander has been producing state of the art components for more than 40-years.

Lampec ag


Primarily active in the demanding German market, Lampec distributes emergency lighting components to the lighting industry.
Lampec’s customers are predominantly national and international luminaire and emergency lighting manufacturers.

P4 Limited

Recognised as one of the UK’s leading ‘full service’ providers of self-testing emergency lighting systems, P4 have been designing and manufacturing self-testing emergency lighting for almost 30-years